Google Sandbox - Probation period for your new website???

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Have you completed every SEO task for your website and it is still not ranked?

New websites are reportedly restricted from appearing in Google’s top results by the Google Sandbox filter. Even if you do everything correctly, until it expires, your website won’t achieve respectable ranks. It is frequently referred to as a probation period of a website.

Although Google has never formally acknowledged the Google Sandbox, many SEOs believe that it exists since they experience sandbox-like impacts when trying to rank new websites.

There are a few possibilities as to why the Google Sandbox exists. According to one view, Google simply allows new websites some time to establish their authority before beginning to rank highly. Another possibility is that Google is attempting to stop spammy or low-quality websites from performing well in search results.

Whatever the reason, it’s important to have patience while launching a new website and not look for immediate success. Your website will ultimately start to rank well in Google if you just keep producing high-quality content and establishing links.

Here are a few things you can do to perform well in this sandbox period:

The website should have an About Us section and a Contact Us section too, with the correct address, phone number, and email ID. Add privacy policies and terms and conditions to the website.

Select a long-tail keyword instead of a short-tail keyword.

Make sure to include quality and genuine content on your website; it should give clarity to the user.

Make sure your site is done with Technical SEO.

It is very important to give authority to your website, you can use GMB as a foundational step. And can add your social media links to your website. And try to build quality content in your social media and use them frequently.

Internal linking: you can post blogs and link them to the website. Try to include EEAT in blog posts.

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